Learning to Fly

The 100 Day Project Week Five Learning to Fly Learning anything takes time and patience. I constantly feel as though I don’t have enough of either. I so desperately want to be able to create the things and creatures of my imagination now. Right now. I’m so impatient. I am…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Happy New Year lovely friend and follower, I do hope you’ve had a lovely festive break? It all seems like ages ago already doesn’t it? I had a really lovely, well needed and relaxing break. Getting back into work and the usual routine has been rather hard…

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A time to Seek Forgiveness

100 Days of Creatvity Challenge – Week 13 A Time to Seek Forgiveness Last Sunday, 9th December, my 100 Day Challenge ended having raised a grand total of £600 pounds to help the victims of the Indonesian Tsunami. It was a truly humbling experience that continues to bring tears of…

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