My name is Mary-Ann and I live, where I’ve lived for over fifty years, on the edge of the beautiful New Forest National Park in Hampshire, England.

I have been sewing and creating my entire life but I have no formal training in sewing or the arts and I have only recently begun creating in mixed media.

Following a career of almost thirty years in a civil engineering and transport planning, my life changed direction. After a period of ill health I returned to my natural inclination to be creative and learned and developed new skills in making things. I rediscovered a love of simply being outside to enjoy the countryside and developed a new skill and passion for nature photography. I also learned the value of using creativity to heal myself and experienced a dawning realisation that I’d been given a new life full of opportunities.

And so here I am, beginning a new chapter in my life. In it I intend to be true to myself in my creations and to share what I’ve learned to help others.

I frequently live in a an imaginary world in my head and I love bringing the creatures and characters that reside there to life, through my mixed media creations. My aim is to use these creations as vehicles to help people to smile, to find happiness and to learn how they can live in harmony with each other and with this truly magical world that we’ve been blessed to live in.

Welcome to the world of my imagination.

Welcome to Concordia’s World!


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