The Creations

The sculptures and automata of Concordia’s World provide a delightful way to adorn the home but also provide something else less tangible. A sense, a feeling?

The childhood love of toys never fades but as adults we tend to loose touch with our imaginations, that rich inner childhood world where anything is possible.

These exquisitely crafted, handmade creations aim to enchant, reigniting the imagination to reconnect and escape into the realms of that personal inner world.

Each sculpture and automata provides quiet amusement and entertainment in a soothing way, lightening the mood, offering a form of mitigation in these strange and stressful times with their simple beauty and hypnotic movement. They are quite simply magical.

The Artist

Mary-Ann is a self taught textile and mixed media artist based on the edge of the beautiful New Forest National Park in Hampshire, England.

One of her passions growing up was sewing, so after illness brought an end to her 30 year career in civil engineering and transport planning, she returned to creativity to aid her recovery. It was during this period that she rediscovered long forgotten childhood dreams and Concordia’s World came to be.

Mary-Ann spends most days exploring her imaginary world and bringing to life the fantasy creatures she meets there. Slowly but surely, each one emerges from bits of clay, wire and scraps of recycled and discarded materials. As they come to life she describes the feeling as being a bit like greeting an old friend. Her creations are fun, quirky and simply stunning.

“I hope that they bring a little magic with them to this world, helping others to smile and perhaps encourage them to rediscover and escape into their own childhood imaginations.” – Mary-Ann Toop


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