Learning to Fly

The 100 Day Project Week Five Learning to Fly Learning anything takes time and patience. I constantly feel as though I don’t have enough of either. I so desperately want to be able to create the things and creatures of my imagination now. Right now. I’m so impatient. I am…

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A time to Seek Forgiveness

100 Days of Creatvity Challenge – Week 13 A Time to Seek Forgiveness Last Sunday, 9th December, my 100 Day Challenge ended having raised a grand total of £600 pounds to help the victims of the Indonesian Tsunami. It was a truly humbling experience that continues to bring tears of…

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The Looming Deadline

100 Days of Creativity Challenge – Week 11 The Looming Deadline With the finish line of my 100 day project clearly in sight now, the issue of how quickly time rushes by seems to be constantly on my mind of late. Every one of my journal entries for the past…

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