Mini Blog Series: Building the dream – Part Five

Welcome to the final instalment of my five-part mini series. Last week, after months of procrastination and uncertainty, I finally began to get to grips with a huge project that had quite frankly scares me: my social media. Isn’t it interesting how fear can paralyse us into inaction? Anyway, I…

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Keep Going

What is it that keeps the human spirit alive? What is it that’s keeps us going, especially when the going gets tough? We marvel at individuals and admire their grit, their sheer determination to keep pushing on, regardless of what life throws at them. How do they do that? These…

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The Long Haul

As you know, I’ve been busy writing of late. It’s a long, slow, solitary practice, with little that I’m willing to share with others at this stage. That will come later. My other creative endeavours have been left by the wayside for the moment but, like my lovely followers, they…

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