The Elephant in the Room

The subject of money has a tendency to become the elephant in the room for any aspiring artist, myself included. It’s something that I have conveniently left by the wayside, that I haven’t given much thought to. It’s a big scary subject. A fairly fundamental one I know but, being scary, I have until now confidently boxed it away in my head, to be tackled ‘when the time comes’.

I can positively feel the money minded, business planning individuals amongst you shudder. What a ridiculous thing to do, I hear you scream. You should never enter into a business without carefully analysing the financial returns!

Is that what I’ve done? Well yes, I have. Is Concordia’s World a business? No, not at present. If I’m honest, it’s a glorified hobby that I hope will one day provide some financial return.

A better question might be; How can I turn my artwork into a business?

If I had been able to return to education to gain an art degree, which is what I would dearly love to have done but which wasn’t possible, then I may have developed the confidence and skills to market my art from the outset. Instead, I have developed my art skills over the past few years and have only recently plucked up the courage to call myself an ‘artist’.

Marketing and selling work as an artist is a completely different minefield in terms of money. I have chosen, or rather felt compelled, to use my inner artist to create the fantasy world that exists in my head. I needed platforms, like a website and social media to share what I am doing, so that’s what I’ve done.

I don’t feel inclined to sell my creations because I intend using them to illustrate the book I’m writing. I have no idea if this book will generate funding to keep me and my imaginary world afloat, but it’s what I feel inspired to do for the moment. I am simply following my natural instincts and creativity to see where they lead. I’m on a journey. Who knows where I may end up?

But isn’t that what life is all about? Taking risks and enjoying our journeys through life?

So for now, money will remain the elephant in the room. I have a couple of minor part time jobs to keep me financially afloat and one day, perhaps ‘when the time comes’, I will address that big scary subject.

In the meantime I simply want to enjoy being an artist, sharing what I’m up to, and generating my own favourite currency: smiles 🙂

PS If you have any thoughts on what you think I should be doing, then do let me know?

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