What can I achieve in an hour a day for 100 days?

Tomorrow, 1st September 2018, I begin a new experiment. Well not an experiment exactly, I’m endeavouring to think of it more as a new phase in my creative life.

This morning it dawned on me that my life needs to change in order to make space for my dreams.

For far too long my own creative needs, my dreams for progressing Concordia’s World, have been held on the back burner waiting for the time to miraculously appear to allow me to move forward.

How stupid is that?

If I am serious about wanting my dreams to come true, if I am serious about wanting to create the creatures who reside in Concordia’s World and to finish writing my book, then I need to get serious about the time it will take.

It’s that simple.

So how can I make the necessary changes? In my head I argued that if my husband can make time to spend approximately an hour a day reading his daily newspaper, then I can surely spend an hour a day on Concordia’s World? I’d like to spend more time than that, but I’m trying to be realistic about what is achievable.

An hour a day.

It doesn’t sound like much, it’s nowhere near enough. But it’s better than what I’ve been doing. And who knows, in a hundred days, that’s one hundred hours – I could do a lot in a hundred hours couldn’t I?

Synchronicity must have been at play. A memory popped up in my head. It’s 1st September tomorrow. The 100 Hundred Day Goal begins tomorrow!

Just to explain, a couple of years ago I joined a Facebook group called the 100 Day Goal with The Business Bakery, by the wonderful Julia Bickerstaff. Three times I joined in the 100 days which helped me to make creative strides forward with the support of like-minded people. And I made some wonderful long-term friendships along the way.

So it’s been a while since I last joined in the process but, I thought, why not? I need to begin the process of change and need to start somewhere, so……

Before I could get cold feet, I created an image and posted it along with my announcement on social media:

“In an effort to make some real progress, tomorrow I’m going to begin an experiment. Every day for 100 days I’m going to commit to spending a minimum of one hour per day on my beloved Concordia’s World and record and share my progress with you.”

It sounds simple doesn’t it?

But I’m well aware that life is never that simple.

This could get very interesting!

I’ll do my best to provide you with a weekly blog to report my progress.

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