A life worth living


She looked up at the sky
Then down at the earth
She stamped in frustration
And questioned her worth

She could see where she’d been
To the pain she’d inflicted
She cried tears of anguish
Her throat constricted

Please help me, she cried
Is there anyone there?
Please show me the way
Please answer my prayer?

She fell to the ground
With great sobs of despair
Giving in to her sorrow
Gasping for air

When at last she stopped crying
She wiped her eyes dry
A divine rainbow appeared
In a cloudless sky

It’s bright colours beckoned
Bringing joy to her heart
It’s a sign she realised
I’ve yet to play my part

I need to go on living
To learn my special gift
That only I can bring to this world
Her thinking began to shift

So from that day on
She did her very best
To become the kind of person
Who felt heaven blessed

She listened to her heart
And ignored her heads tormentor
She followed her natural instincts
And discovered her calmer centre

Then one day when she awoke
Bright and early with a smile
She realised she loved her life
It had taken her a while

To understand, to learn to love
To live purely for the giving
She now knows what life’s about,
And it’s a life that’s well worth living!

by Mary-Ann Toop

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