What’s happening in Concordia’s World?

Hello lovely friends and followers,
You may have wondered at my absence from this page of late. Where are the blogs I promised? What’s happening in Concordia’s World you ask?

Well, I can only apologise for my slight change in creative direction at present (my inner creative child has a tendency to do this to me occasionally).

As you know I finished creating both Minima and Concordia earlier this year. I’ve also been busy creating Minima’s family, all eight of them. These are very nearly complete so I’ll begin sharing photos of them, including Valentina from the above image, very soon.

As I’ve created each character, I’ve been keeping notes of all the thoughts and ideas I’ve had about their purpose, their activities and personalities, to create a bit of a narrative for each one. It had been my intention to share their stories via my blog, but this is where my inner creative child decided she had other ideas.

Since the beginning of September, as I began to write the stories in my head about the characters in Concordia’s World, I came to realise that they weren’t individual, disjointed stories at all, but were all linked. So then I felt a real dilemma as to what to do next.

In an unexpected turn of events, I set aside finishing Minima’s family to concentrate on my inner creative child’s demands to simply write. This is something that I’ve never done before.

And now my Concordia’s World writing has turned into a much much bigger, more complex, story. The words just keep tumbling out in an avalanche and my writing, like creating my mixed media characters, has become an obsession. The story is now so long it might even be a book. Or even two!

Since this is completely new creative territory for me so I’ve no idea if what I’ve written is any good. However, after facing my fears of inadequacy, I’ve been brave and made enquiries about a good local writing group which I will be attending for the first time on Saturday. So no doubt I will soon find out if my writing connects with others.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been burying my head in my writing, beavering away in the background. Consequently I don’t have anything that I can share with you just yet, but please do know that I’ve not abandoned you, I’m thinking of you every day and I will do my best to get something in front of you as soon as I can.

I do hope you will stick with me and my erratic behaviour as the pieces of the jigsaw that make up Concordia’s World begin to come together?

Bye for now x


  1. With your comment earlier I was wondering if you were writing a book, and I’ve just caught up on your previous blog posts and thought yes a book would be brilliant, and then reading this one I’m so pleased I was right and I really can’t wait to read it/them. Your passion for this little family you are creating shines through in your writing and it really is lovely to read about. Plus they look fantastic and I really love Concordia dragon.
    Good luck in the class but I’m sure you won’t need it xx

    • Sorry for my delayed reply to your message Manda.
      Yes I’m attempting to write a book! I’m never quite sure what my inner creative child will have me doing next, I’m only relieved that at least she seems content to stay and play in Concordia’s World.
      She’s dreaming of creating a fairy tale like book, illustrated with pictures of the creatures shes been making. We shall just have to wait and see if it works out that way.

  2. Looking forward to these exciting new developments

  3. How wonderful Mary-Ann! Isn’t it amazing how our creative journeys can have so many twists and turns? Enjoy your journey! xx

  4. WOW! And a creative writing group!Where next?! x

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