Watching Mary-Ann Play

Mary-Ann is creating again. She likes to call it playtime.

I’m sat with Minima, she’s cuddling up against me and I feel her need for reassurance and protection so I’ve wrapped my wing around her. We are sat alongside Mary-Ann at her work table, watching intently, trying to work out what on earth she is doing.

Such a curious process and more than a bit disturbing. But then everything in this world is so very strange, so very alien.

I sense Minima’s growing nervousness and discomfort so I ask “What are you doing?” in an effort to break the tension.

Mary-Ann is sat surrounded by bits and pieces of wire and lumps of modelling clay. Disturbingly, she has formed eight little acorn-size heads out of clay and pushed them onto cocktail stick “stakes”. The heads are looking at us from their strange position above a block of polystyrene.

It could almost be a scene from a nightmare, but actually, I can see that the faces look kind of cute, funny even. Ahh, the penny drops and I start smiling.

Mary-Ann has realised that Minima is looking rather uncomfortable as she’s begun to recognise some familiar faces.
“It’s okay”, she reassures us, “your friends and family will be here soon”.

Now Minima can’t sit still, she’s so excited and can’t wait for her wood-nymph family to arrive.


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