Getting Things ‘Right’

Do you recognise this feeling? You have dreamt about this time for so long and you want to get it right. Perfect even?

This is me right now, this is how I’m feeling. I’m excited but panicking too. I’ve dreamt about launching myself as a professional artist for so long. And now the time has come, I’m all prepared to share my artwork, my babies, to bare my sole to the world through this blog. And I’m terrified.

What am I scared of?

I’m sure this feeling of inadequacy, of not being ‘good enough’ is one that every artist will recognise. Questions, constant questions are surging through my head: What if people don’t like what I create? What makes me think I can succeed as an artist without any art qualifications? What do I have to offer that other people would be interested in, let alone buy? I can’t write. I freeze.

And the bombardment of questions, of doubts, continue.

But I decide to plough on.

And I write my very first blog to begin my journey into the unknown.

Deep breath…..

I can do this……

I can break through the doubts and fears. After all what’s the worst that can happen? I will create my art, I will write about it and no one will read. That would be sad, painful even, but not life threatening.

So here I am, desperately wanting you to like what I have to offer.

Who am I? My son kindly describes me as a nutty professor type, he says I remind him of Belle’s father in Beauty and the Beast. I often live in a very weird but beautiful place that only exists in my head. Slowly but surely the characters from that place are coming to life in my hands.

They are fun, quirky and a bit odd. They are beautiful too.

As each one slowly emerges from bits of clay, wire and scraps of recycled materials that no one else wants or cares about but me, it’s a bit like greeting an old friend. They are so familiar to me and strangely new too. Little by little they appear into this world. One by one they arrive.

And they must be made. They demand to be created anew into this world. They call out, ‘me next, me next, please make me’. Creating them is as natural as breathing.

And so they slowly march into this world, lead by dragon Concordia with Minima, my first born, riding on her back.

Why are they here? What do they want?

They want to bring a little fun into this often serious world. They want to encourage us to live more harmoniously with each other and with this truly magical world that we are lucky enough to have been born into.

This blog is about them, not me. These are their messages, their reasons for being.

Will you join them?

Will you listen to their stories?

Will you help them to live amongst us?

Will you join me to read more about my journey of discovery in Concordia’s World?


So here I am on the other side of my first ever blog. I’ve survived. I feel so much better for simply having ‘gone for it’.

Was it worth it? – you tell me?

Do let me know what you think and what you’d like to know about Concordia’s World?


  1. Congratulations on your launch Mary-Ann! It all looks amazing, and I can’t wait to meet all of your wonderful characters and read about their adventures. xx

  2. Thrilled to meet Concordia and Minima and can’t wait to read more about them. I completely understand the feelings that you describe so well; but when something (someone) inside you demands to be shared with the world then you absolutely must xx

    • Thanks Chloe, you are so right. This feels like a very personal journey but one that I so want to share with others. Thanks for your support and encouragement xx

  3. Definitely worth it!!

  4. How wonderful Mary-Ann! Really excited for you! Of. Purse it’s worth it, it’s never easy to put oneself out there, as it is always a risk if we care (and we do) and love our creations, as they are born of us and seem a part of us, yet separate. Concordia and Minima look amazing, I’m eager to hear their stories! I want to wish you every success in your newest venture and congratulate you on taking the next step, I hope you find it so very rewarding and fulfilling. xx

  5. So worth it! Well done taking that first step. It’s fabulous to meet Concordia and Minima and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them and their world.

  6. Well done, the first is written! I am so excited to hear more about Concordia and Minima and see their world grow xxx

  7. What a talented women. It is rare to have such a rich imagination as yours and rarer still to be able to bring that imagination to life in such exquisite and beautifully crafted pieces. You really are a bright shining star to us all. A huge hug of congratulations on reaching this point. Now the doors are open I look forward to seeing, to listening and to learning about this exciting new world.

    • Dearest friend Michelle, thank you so much for your very kind words. Too much praise, I don’t feel worthy of them as yet. Hopefully, one day I will.
      Thank you for your love, support and undying faith in my abilities. You are a very special and much valued friend xxx

  8. Well how have I known you nearly 50 years and not met these lovely characters before?!
    So impressed that you have reached this step and are sharing this mythology.Makes me feel a bit as I did as a child walking around Black gang Chine lit up in the dark and always wanted to slip into that fairy world.
    Good luck with your venture and stay bold! xx

    • Dearest Faith, I’m sure you must have been aware of my living with my head in the clouds for far too much of the time and of my passion for dragons and fantasy? I think it all began with having my nose buried in far too many childhood fairytale books and playing with my brothers two Pellum puppet dragons?
      I really do feel as though my creations are long lost friends though, who I’ve only recently rediscovered. Perhaps I did dream about them as a child, I really don’t recall, but they do feel so strangely familiar.
      And I’m so absolutely delighted that I’ve triggered your fond childhood memories of Black Gang Chine. Even I recall how you raved about your visits there and I couldn’t wait to share in a little of the magic of that place.
      Thank you for your love, your support and a lifetime of your friendship, they mean more than you’ll ever know. Much love, Mary-Ann xx

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