I have a choice

I Have a Choice

Today’s #marchmeetthemaker prompt is Change.

How very apt.

A month ago, when I first discovered this years #Marchmeetthemaker prompts and decided to take part, I drafted some possible text to accompany each of the 31 prompts.

What I wrote then for today’s prompt is so very different from what I am about to write. How much difference a few weeks make.


It’s been rapid, relentless, no time to absorb the information, to adapt before the next huge wave hits, so to a large extent fear and panic are the order of the day.

However, we all have a choice as to how we respond to these events as they unfold.

We have a choice how we respond on an emotional level. We tend to forget that.

It may not seem like it, but we do.

I choose not to panic. I choose to think about what is happening as calmly and rationally as possible.

I choose not to overload my senses by watching the news and reading social media every minute of the day. Instead, I pace myself and only watch as much as my emotional levels can handle.

I’m not running away from events, I’m not burying my head in the sand. Far from it.

I’ve been putting contingency plans in place with my family to coordinate our support arrangements for our vulnerable family members. I’ve done the same with the family of my elderly neighbour.

I’m in the process of working out continued communication and moral support arrangements for the sewing group I chair – a large number of our 45 members fall into the vulnerable category.

I’m circulating positive and good news stories, plus providing emotional support to my family and friends.

In other words, I’m endeavouring to do my bit.

But I’m also taking care of myself and my own emotional needs in the process. I’m well aware that this situation is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

So I need my ground rules in place to keep me going. My habits, my routine, as much as possible, needs to remain consistent. And that includes continuing with my creative efforts in Concordia’s World.

So change will come. It’s inevitable. The change that’s approaching is massive, daunting and at present it feels like trying to climb Mount Everest, but with the right mental attitude it’s doable.

There will be hero’s along the way. Wonderful stories. Some are already emerging. Have you heard about Ester Ransome’s suggested challenge to Gareth Malone that he’s accepted?

About all the small businesses who are rapidly adapting their services to meet the needs of their community to ensure they survive?

About the hospital in Italy that is using 3D printing technology to create essential temporary components to keep respirators functioning?

About new community projects, people working together to support their vulnerable members?

Adversity sends us hero’s. This pandemic will send us lots of them.

We may not emerge from these events unscathed, but let’s hope we emerge better, kinder, more generous and understanding people?

I have a choice how I respond to these events. So do you.

Don’t become a victim of the panic that rapid change causes.

Lets make some good come from the carnage of the change we face?

Let’s look change in the face.

And let’s face it together.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe passage from the coming days and weeks ahead.

Until next time

Mary-Ann x


  1. Hey there, great to have a timely reminder. Thank you

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