Tanacity the Lake Dragon


Tanacity the Lake Dragon

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This little purplish dragon is called Tanacitas, although she prefers to be known as Tenacity.

She has grit, determination and clings hold of her home with a ferociousness that belies her appearance. She appears meek, mild and perhaps a little bland in colour, but oh my goodness, inside she is a tiger! She will not give up, her grip is like cast iron.

Tenacity lives amongst the barren slopes of Concordia’s Worlds northern lakes.

To some eyes, it’s the least pretty area. It takes enormous fortitude to live there, but the rewards are great. Although it’s often misty, when the sun shines the place comes alive with colour, just like Tenacity does. Food exists in abundance and the views from her daily flights over the lake, the heather covered fells and gentle mountains are simply jaw-dropping.

Tenacity doesn’t have lots of friends, not many of her kind choose to live here, but those who do understand. They hold together and support each other in this difficult landscape. Those who can’t hold on disappear into obscurity.

Tenacity might be obscure in her natural landscape, her colouring making her near invisible. However, she knows that if she can just hold on long enough, she will evolve into the most incredible creature imaginable, like a butterfly emerging from its catalyst.

Sometimes we need to be tenacious if we are to succeed in life. We can’t simply quit when something doesn’t go quite according to plan. We need to find a way to plough on and to cling hold of our dreams.

You really can do anything you set your mind to. You just need tenacity!

Perhaps you’d like to own Dragon Tenacity as a little daily reminder?

Please note that Tenacity is not a toy and is not intended to be used by children.

Size: The overall size of Tenacity on her driftwood base is approximately 22cm (8 3/4”) long by 16 cm (6 1/4”) by 10 cm (4”) tall.

Materials: Tenacity has been created entirely from pre-owned materials including scraps of fabric, embroidery threads, beads and jewellery wire, but has new stuffing. She is mounted on a piece of driftwood collected from above the tide line on the north Dorset coast.

Product care: Display away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Dust gently. If necessary, use a piece of netting secured over the end of a hoover nozzle to gently vacuum dust away.



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