Peacock Winged Butterfly-Dragon

Peacock Winged Butterfly-Dragon


It was inevitable that three of these little creatures would make their way here from Concordia’s World. After all I had three embroidered bases, three matching vintage buttons and three fabric remnants that toned beautifully with their blue leather bodies, with which to create their wings.

Each one is a perfectly balanced kinetic sculpture, requiring the merest tap or faint breeze to send the butterfly-dragon twirling into flight. Its motion is so very calming and relaxing, mesmerising to watch and enjoy.

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The alternative colour versions are:

  • Blue Winged Butterfly-Dragon
  • The Turquoise Winged Butterfly-Dragon

Constructed entirely from recycled and pre-owned materials, with the exception of the balancing wire, these beautiful little Butterfly-dragons are made from leather, poly-cotton fabric, beads and wire. Each one is supported by a vintage button mounted on a cylindrical base covered in hand embroidered linen.

This kinetic sculpture stands approximately 13 cm tall, with the outer wing tip circling 12 cm from the central pivot point, so requires a 24 cm diameter space in which to fly.


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