Dragon Dexter Automata


Dragon Automata Twin Dexter

Handcrafted, OOAK, leather dragon automata. Turn the handle and watch him come to life!

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Dragon Dexter is the twin of Dragon Felix

Felix and Dexter actually arrived into this world some time ago but, as is often the case with twins, especially that rare event of dragon twins – you can only imagine how cramped an egg can become for two developing dragons – they arrived early and weren’t fully developed. After their initial slow beginnings, I am pleased to say they are now fully grown and ready to fly.

The twins aren’t identical, but they do share a striking resemblance in all but their colouring. They also have bewilderingly different but equally loveable personalities.

Dexter arrived first. He is the quieter of the pair, perhaps a little more serious. He feels compelled to follow rules and is rather conservative in nature. He doesn’t like to be hurried and wants to be sure of his actions. He likes everything to be correct. As such he is solid, dependable, straightforward and trustworthy. He is full of integrity. The one you can always count on.

Felix is a very cheerful and determined young dragon, helpful and kind, constantly full of good humour and optimism. As his colouring might suggest, he is quite flamboyant, sociable and loves to entertain.

Felix considers himself to have been very fortunate in being second born as he has none of the first-born responsibilities so can simply enjoy being himself. Dexter on the other hand feels that his younger brother’s arrival marked an auspicious day, like a good omen as he’d very much wanted a brother.

Although the pair are very close, they have been keen to assure me that they both feel ready to fly the nest, each happy to make their own way in the world.


Materials: This unique, one of a kind, handstitched dragon is made of fine quality nappa leather off-cuts from a small handmade bookbinding company. Dexter is a gorgeous deep aubergine colour with deep metallic blue bead eyes that glint in the light and a wire armature which allows minor adjustments to the tail and wing positions. The brass and copper automata mechanism, which has been coated in a protective spray to help prevent tarnishing, is mounted upon yew base displaying Dexter’s brass nameplate. The dragon is made to fly by turning the matching yew handle.

Dimensions: Both dragons are the same size. Each one is approximately 20cm high, 23cm from nose to tail and has a wingspan of 22cm.

Each dragon comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please note that Dexter is not a toy and is not intended for use by children.

Price includes UK p&p. Dexter can also be shipped worldwide (import customs permitting), but do contact me to verify the price. As a guide this is usually an additional £30 per sculpture. Please note that you will also be responsible for any import duties.


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