Dragon Anancites – The Diamond Dragon

Dragon Anancites – The Diamond Dragon


Concordia’s World and all its inhabitants are magical. Occasionally a very special creature emerges. Anancites is one such creature. She materialised from Concordia’s World in the spring lock-down of 2020.

One morning, during that trying time when it hadn’t been easy to find that quiet headspace that allows me to escape into Concordia’s World, I found myself meeting this quiet little hero.

I had been working blind, following my inner creative instincts rather than trying to create anything in particular. It was unusual for me to be so far advanced with one of my creations without them making themselves known to me. With all the external noise, the constant news updates and daily challenges to normal life that had been going on, perhaps I’d just not been paying enough attention?

So when she quietly began talking to me one morning, I was delighted and perhaps a little surprised to discover that the personality of the decidedly soft pink and silver dragon I had been creating, bore more than a passing resemblance to an NHS nurse. Her outer appearance belied an inner core of steel. It became evident that she is made of strong stuff and is one of life’s survivors. I barely even began to wonder what her name might be, when she told me. It was obvious really.

Anancites. The Latin word meaning diamond.

Yes Anancites is like that very hardest, most beautiful and precious of substances, the diamond.

She remains calm in the most demanding of circumstances, bringing with her a remedy for sadness and relief for troubled minds.

She is never battle weary.

She is never one to shy away from what needs to be done.

She is small but totally fearless. She is formidable.

Her determination knows no bounds.

In short, Anancites is invincible.

As I’m sure you know by now, my creations are often metaphors for expressing my inner emotions. Having discovered the personality of my little creation, I realised she is my tribute to all those brave men and women in the world, but especially for the nurses and medics of our NHS who are continuing to put the needs of others before themselves, risking their lives in an effort to preserve life in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. It takes real strength of character, an unbelievable amount of emotional resilience, an inner core of steel, to do that job.

In learning her name I also realised another happy coincidence. The rainbow has become symbolic with our NHS, therefore how appropriate that Anancites means diamond since the rainbow is confined in a diamond forever. Furthermore, a diamond also symbolises all the forces necessary for a healthy society and provides great strength.

Placed where she is permanently on view, Anancites will become a constant reminder of the strength and resilience of the NHS staff, of the compassion they share for others. She is a celebration of the everlasting strength of their love for helping others.

Anancites is been made from a beautiful, rippled piece of silver fabric with shades of pink and peach base fabric showing through. The silver top coat is made up of minuscule pieces that appear like tiny scales. Her pale, almost translucent wired wings are made from layers of chiffon with a few scattered tiny rhinestones that sparkle like diamonds.

She appears to be striding purposely forward, wings outstretched, as if she might break into a run if the need should arise. Her tiny wire claws are meticulously covered in embroidery thread to blend with the fabric. Her nose and features have been constructed with tucks and folds of fabric, secured with the tiniest of stitches. The glint of her metallic, multifaceted bead eyes tells of the steely strength that lies beneath the soft exterior, the spirit that will never give up.

In keeping with everything she symbolises, Anancites is mounted upon a thick oval of waxed purpleheart wood one of the hardiest and most sturdy woods in the world. Extremely dense and watertight, this wood is very resistant to decay and to attack by fungi and insects. Although it seems somewhat exotic and rare because of its beautiful colouring, purpleheart wood is actually one of the most durable, stable, and sustainable wood species.

Many believe purpleheart wood also harbours important spiritual qualities. In addition to eliminating negative energies and tension in the home it is thought to enhance creative energy, knowledge and of course assist in healing.

This sculpture, including the base, stands 12.5 cm/ 5 inches tall, 22 cm/ 8¾ inches long and is 20 cm/ 7¾ inches wide across the wings.

Please note that all profits from Anacites are to be donated to the Royal Collage of Nursing Foundation Covid-19 Support Fund (see https://rcnfoundation.rcn.org.uk/news/covid-19-support-fund for more details)


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