Dancing Dragon Tempestas


Dancing Dragon Tempestas Textile Sculpture

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You could be forgiven for thinking that every day in Concordia’s World is tranquil with beautiful blue skies. However, sometimes we need bad weather to remind us of just how beautiful those tranquil days can be. Have you ever noticed how much fun a storm can be too though?

Tempestas, whose name means storm, arrived mid-storm (as you’ve no doubt suspected by now). He danced and twirled his way into our world, splashing through puddles, generally having a wonderful time, singing at the top of his voice about the meaning of life not being about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain.

His favourite occupation is tap-dancing through a thunder storm as he laughs and sings. If you provide him with a home, you are sure to hear him bubble over with excitement whenever storm clouds appear, “Life is too short to waste a single moment of it, we must learn to embrace everything that life has to offer, including the storms!”.

Please note that Tempestas is not a toy and is not intended to be used by children.

Size: The overall size of Tempestas on his resin base is approximately 19cm (7 1/2″) tall by 18 cm (7”) across his wingspan and 11.5 cm (4 1/2”) deep.

Materials: Tempestas has been created entirely from pre-owned materials including scraps of fabric, embroidery threads, beads and jewellery wire, but has new stuffing. He is mounted on a purpose made block of black and silver resin.

Product care: Display away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Dust gently. If necessary, use a piece of netting secured over the end of a hoover nozzle to gently vacuum dust away.

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