Mini blog series – Building the Dream – Part Three

Welcome to part three of a mini series I am writing this week to tell you about an exciting new project I’ve been working on, using a process designed by ethical business coach Jen Gale.

I’m telling you about it because I would really love you to join in with your help and suggestions to help me create something special for you. Something that you will really enjoy, find interesting, meaningful and perhaps even helpful.

I’m telling you about it in the hopes that you will bring me your ideas to help me create really fun, informative and engaging social media posts that you will love.

I’m also telling you because you might find the methodology helpful. It can be applied to ANY big scary project that you want or need to achieve.

Day Three: Stepping-Stones

Jen says “Big goals can sometimes be overwhelming and paralyse us with fear”. This is something I have definitely experienced. Her solution is to chunk my big scary goal down into smaller goals and to give each of them a Why.

Encouraging me to think of my goal being located on the far side of a river, she asked, what are the stepping-stones that will help you to reach the other side?

So I began writing down all the things that I think need to happen. Sometimes I don’t always know all the answers, but that’s okay she says, simply note that you need to find out! Here is my resulting list of possible stepping-stones, which aren’t in any particular order:

• research my target audience (who are they, where can I find them, what language and hashtags do they use, what interests them, what they care about etc and which social media tools they use)
• Develop a clear and consistent brand identity to use (so that posts can instantly be identified as mine)
• Set up appropriate social media accounts (if different from my existing Facebook and Instagram platforms)
• Brainstorm all the topics I could create posts about that will appeal to my target audience (think fun, informative, engaging and helpful)
• Develop a stock of suitable photographs to use (using my brainstormed topic list as a guide)
• Learn how to use the insight tools (the tools that tell me how many people have seen my posts, who they are etc)
• Set up a recording mechanism to monitor the success of my posts
• Use this recording mechanism to help inform and improve future posts
• Establish a regular schedule for updating the look, feel and written information contained in all my on-line presence to ensure consistency
• Plan my social media calendar one month in advance, but allow flexibility to include alternative or additional spontaneous posts.
• Investigate social media scheduling software like Hootsuite
• Find out when my target audience are on-line and schedule posts accordingly
• Create a system to help support the creation of consistently good posts (ie make a folder of post ideas and information, a labelled library of photos etc)
• Make creating posts fun and habitual (brainstorm how this might be achieved)
• Schedule time in my diary to make it happen

I must admit, by the time I finished writing this list, I was shocked. I’d never considered simply writing down all my ideas like this (which is bordering on ridiculous as I used to project manage in my formal career). And I’d not found anything like this list in any of my searches to discover how I should go about creating a suitable social media strategy. Now I began to get excited. I began to believe that creating a worthwhile social media strategy might even be achievable!

Note: I completely overlooked creating a Why for each step, but to me the answers were fairly obvious. For example, researching which social media platforms my audience use is fundamental. After all what’s the point of me posting on one platform, if they predominantly socialize on another? Creating a Why is very important though, as this can be the driving force that helps to motivate you, to keep you moving from one stepping stone to the next.

What are your thoughts? Do you think I’m on the right track? Do you have any suggestions?

Join me tomorrow to find out what happened on day four!

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