Mini blog series – Building the Dream – Part Two

Welcome to part two of a mini series I am writing this week to tell you about an exciting new project I’ve been working on, using a process designed by ethical business coach Jen Gale.

I’m telling you about it because I would really love you to join in with your help and suggestions to help me create something special for you. Something that you will really enjoy, find interesting, meaningful and perhaps even helpful.

I’m telling you about it in the hopes that you will bring me your ideas to help me create really fun, informative and engaging social media posts that you will love.

I’m also telling you because you might find the methodology helpful. It can be applied to ANY big scary project that you want or need to achieve.

So to begin…..

Day One: Defining Success

Closing my eyes and thinking carefully about what I want to achieve, Jen encouraged me to brainstorm my thoughts, ideas and images of my success and to get really clear about the things that need to happen for me to feel successful. So I asked myself:

What do I want from my social media?

These were my initial thoughts. (Please accept my apologies if it sounds rather commercial. I genuinely do care about you, which is why I’m going to so much effort to create something you will find worthwhile):

I want to develop a successful social media strategy, as part of my marketing strategy, that enables like-minded people to find me, to get to know me and my brand, that enables me to entertain and build a relationship with them, in order to guide them to my website where they can sign up to my email list if they wish and where ultimately I hope they might one day become customers.

What does my successful social media strategy look like?

• It’s simple and effective
• It doesn’t take me hours each week to maintain
• It’s fun, informative and engaging
• My posts are well received, they get plenty of likes, comments and regular shares
• It makes my followers feel special, like I’m talking directly to them as individuals
• It’s full of beautiful images that interest and appeal to my readers (including nature, my creations, my workplace and lifestyle)
• I’m only using the social media tools that work for me and my followers
• I understand how to use the insight tools to measure what’s working
• I’m not paying for promotions
• My accounts are followed by people who are genuinely interested in my brand, my writing and my products.
• It supports and develops my brand identity and reach

Day Two: A Single Over-Arching Goal

Day two’s challenge was to turn this big vision into a single over-arching goal – a guiding light – and to turn it into a SMART goal (i.e. it needed to make it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Recorded and Time-bound). Then I was challenged to get clear about WHY I want to achieve this goal and what it will enable me to do that I can’t do at the moment.

This was easy as it wasn’t so very different from what I’d already written on day one.
Here’s what I came up with:

By December 2018 I will have a simple and effective social media strategy, that uses the same platforms as my target audience. It consistently reaches them with posts that they love and which takes me no more than four hours a week to create content, maintain and measure my progress.
Why? So that I can engage effectively with my target audience, get to know them, encourage them to visit my website, sign up to my newsletters and potentially become future customers.

Day three is where I began to get excited. Do join me tomorrow to find out why?

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