Mini Blog Series: Building the dream – Part One

Welcome to part one of a five-part mini series I will be writing this week to tell you about an exciting new project I’ve been working on towards building my dream (you know the one, the dream in which I create the amazing feast of a book that you all want to own?)

I’m telling you about this project because I would really love you to join in with your help and suggestions to help me create something special for you. Something that you will really enjoy, find interesting and meaningful.

In this first blog I will explain what I’ve been doing and why. In the following four blogs I will share the process I used and explain how you can help.

So what is my project all about?
Answer: My social media.

Please don’t yawn and turn away. I promise this will be worthwhile reading. Why? Because the methodology I used can be applied to ANY big scary project.

I have chosen to concentrate my project on my social media because it’s how I communicate with YOU. And I feel I’ve been failing you in this respect quite badly. I want to be your friend, to help and entertain you. A friend is always there. And I haven’t been. I want to change that.

Have you ever wondered why my social media and blog posts are so inconsistent?

Well, I can tell you it’s because I often lack confidence and I can never work out what I can possibly tell or show you that you’d be interested in. It’s a bit like that feeling when you enter a crowded room of strangers and you try to pluck up the courage to go and talk to someone?

On numerous occasions I have tried researching the subject of social media strategies in the hopes of finding some guidance, but all the advice I’ve found hasn’t made sense to me. It really hasn’t. It leaves me scratching my head wondering how the suggested post ideas can possibly be of interest to my lovely friendly readers. So I’ve been left floundering, with no clue what I’m doing or why.

So what would I like to be providing?

I dream of creating consistently good posts, that are fun, informative, meaningful and helpful too. And most importantly, that you will love. After all, what’s the point of posting boring, time-wasting rubbish?

And why do I want to do this?

Because I consider you to be a friend with similar interests to my own. I want to share my thoughts and ideas with you, to entertain you and to help you in whatever small way I can. And if you like what I write and create, you may even one day want to buy the book I’m in the process of creating.

But how do I do that? That was the BIG and quite frankly scary, question.

Just before Christmas I joined a new business group being established by the wonderful ethical business coach and eco-warrior, Jen Gale. I got off to a rather slow start this year due to loosing Dad. However, Jen was aware that I was eager to begin making my dreams come true and that I was worried about my social media. She suggested that I should use her Free 5 Day Good Business Strategy Challenge to help identify a way forward.

Jen’s methodology can be used for making progress towards ANY dream, ANY project. On the basis of my own poor track record of using social media and my lack of knowledge on the subject, I have to admit to being sceptical, but I decided to throw myself into the process wholeheartedly.

Join me tomorrow to find out what happened next!

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